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The Beginning….

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

What it took...not belief in myself, but the belief of others in me. My story begins well before the art was developed. Like so many others, the pain inside pushed out this creative outlet. I jumped into major depression with both feet. I attempted suicide for the first time around middle school and this ill-darkness stayed continuously with me lurking and whispering. It led me to a place that was so dark and with so much pain and anguish that I could feel my skin and bones vibrating within. I found out that art and creativity was a release. My pain from outside factors was felt great on my inside and I couldn't express it in words to my Mom. Sports was a way to let the anger out from an overwhelming feeling of all these emotions and thoughts and feelings I had was all crashing into each other and impacting me from the inside-out. I was able to relinquish a little bit of this mixed-batch of emotions and fury from my childhood instability. A Mom that was loving, yet extremely angry, scorned and embittered herself from her past hurts, traumas and pains. A single Mom, raising 4 of us. I was the youngest. I was able to view up close what my older siblings went through. I had the best seat in the house.......this is how it be concluded for now....until the next blog.

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