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How the Coat Became…

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

As I ended the last blog on a cliff hanger, let's leave it there a little longer and let it breathe a little more. Shall we?...

Let's find out about the question I get asked often and that is, "why the coat of arms, Anthony... and what does it mean, I don't understand?"

Okay, it is.

First off, I wanted to split a coat of arms in 4 quadrants in a nice visual way. It would bring more dynamics and complexity to a simple brand. More layers than what you see. And I like the mystery.

A coat of arms is a "shield". And usually on top you put a family crest which would be the family surname.

A coat of arms is a representation of family. The colors chosen is like the flag for the pride of the family. It also boasts of the family's achievements. There's an enormous amount of pride and respect of this for the familys coat of arms and crest.

Along those lines, I wanted blacksmiths tools in representation of this brand. I wanted a background of iron and fire forging tools. Putting anything into fire is a form of purification. Highest level. It's intense to say the least.

Anvils, swords, armor, helmets, shields, sledge hammers, leather, sweat, blood, guts and tears. Empowering women in this same mold. Being the edge and bringing refinement all in the same.

I wanted it to be a proud representation of any one's family. Whatever you choose as a family. Whatever you choose to call family. Whatever you choose and however it looks, I want it to be a unification under the coat of arms and having us unite under one, with individuality.

The coat of arms in representation for me in my achievements comes by the way of battling internal dark demons and extinguishing their fire and starting my own flame with God. With Him, he's brought me through. Not around. Not over. But through it.

I've been to an alcohol/substance and mental health wellness treatment center for first responders. Total addiction and slave to the beer bottle. Early morning. Mid-morning. It didn't matter. It was a 24hr. daily fight. I pan handled for it. I scraped change for it. As my body was shaking violently getting clammy, sweaty as the withdrawals worsened. I couldn't even sign my own signature to get money from my checking account. I signed an "X" instead, on multiple occasions. Horrific.

I was a piss-poor father. I shattered relationships. And I was a lackluster being. I've been arrested numerous times. In jail. Major depression. In a locked down life of isolation with locked doors in my house and shutting every curtain to keep everything and everybody OUT! Throwing up from the alcohol withdrawals consistently. PTSD from being a firefighter piled on after I left the department. A heavier weight from the calls I've been on. Echoing memories. Echoing smells. Endless memories of trauma in families eyes from the calls I've been on and trauma mirrored back to me. So, with a new weight, a new mental demon of PTSD accumulated over ignored years that was added to my mind....whom I kidding, I was decaying. Suicide was my solution to end all battles. My war was only going to be won and end this way. Is how I saw it. I am...healing presents. With some peace now. I am not a human being. I am a human becoming. The coat of arms is a landmark of achievements on MY shield that my internal dragons no longer have breath. They've been taken down and slayed.

Achieving and overcoming the many battles to eventually win the war, with wounds so deep and severe the lacerations of my spirit looked to be life threatening. And they were. But I've overcome it. Today. And my fight within the day to keep it.

I created the code of arms to represent my life in what I've achieved and overcame. And those that have gone through anything, life has shoved them down and around, or have had some loss and grief such as most of us have, or anything near to this, so traumatic in your own walks and on your paths of life....I say welcome...welcome family. This is a place where normal isn't normal. What is. Welcome. You are family. You have full rights to present your achievements to this shield. Display the coat of arms to be a beacon of hard fought battles won, and yet a continuance to live and live well. To wear the brand is to wear your heart on your sleeve. My signature will go with it, to know you are not alone. You are family. You are welcomed.

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